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The 'Golden Age': Christiaan Huygens and collaborators.Salomon Coster moved from Haarlem to The Hague in 1643 and his greatest claim to fame is as the maker of the first pendulum clocks, the so-called 'Haagse klokken' (Hague clocks).May be we must leave our romanticized preconception of 'eureca-like', out of the blue inventions by solitary hermits gazing at swinging candelabras.To me it seems that Huygens was much more of a modern scientist.Another mediaeval turret clock worth mentioning (known from the illustrated books by H. The oldest preserved Dutch domestic clock is referred to as the Barentsz clock, (Fig.

Spierdijk in his books on clocks and clockmakers (1962) and watches and watchmakers (1973) as well as Jaap Zeeman having written the first survey of the Dutch stool clock (a popular regional style Dutch domestic wall clock) (1969) and of the Dutch longcase clock (1977), as well as his compilation of exhibition catalogues in 1967, 19.

1600 onwards are the Frisian watchmaker Vibrandi of Leeuwarden and the Haarlem-based Salomon Coster.

Exquisite examples of their work can be found in museum collections in Amsterdam.

(click to enlarge) An example of a 'Hague'spring wall clock by Salomon Coster, c. Unfortunately, amongst horologists I still encounter anything but consensus, just as Huygens must have experienced, introducing as his original ideas, his inventions and mechanical improvements, like the construction of the pendulum clock, his endless rope, the balance spring, the remontoir or his equation and maritime timekeepers.

There were the claims by rivals as Simon Douw of Rotterdam and contemporary Galileo followers concerning his pendulum system or by the French Abb de Hautefeuille and the English inventor Dr Robert Hooke concerning the invention of the balance spring.

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In preparing this paper I came across an article at the BBC website in which I may have found a reason for this omission. van der Molen, on loan to the Museum of the Dutch Clock, Zaandam.