Teen dating guidelines terms

Posted by / 23-Sep-2017 03:04

If he doesn’t respect you, then this is a clear sign that it could be a distraction, so be prayerful in how to handle the situation.

The Bible is very clear about purity and not dabbling with sexual immorality (1 Corinthians ).

If there is a call of God on your life, you cannot be aloof.

Remember, when you are deceived, you do not know until the wolf has taken off the mask and the true character is revealed.

Definitely heed to wise counsel (Proverbs ) because your family and friends care for you, but make sure the counsel aligns itself with the Bible, and if it is about superficial reasons or something opposing a good thing God has joined, then use caution.

You cannot please everyone, and you have to ultimately go with what God has for you and what makes you happy.

What vision, mission and goals do you have for your future?

Do you desire to grow in the Lord and to expand God’s Kingdom?

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