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Spouse is visiting dating websites

David Clarke explains how couples can strengthen their marriage by improving their communication skills. I forgot what you said.” So, we’ve gotta be intentional. David Clarke about becoming a better communicator with your spouse. just clam up, which I think is a great description of us-- not always. And then women who are often the crowbars, they’re tryin’ to open the clam (Chuckling) up. This is overwhelming” and I could feel my brain actually shutting down and I go to this other place in my head, which is usually football. Discussion topics include typical communication styles of men and women, how men can be more intentional in initiating conversations, how to better navigate conflict, and more. And he’s back again today as we return to one of our Best of 2017 broadcasts on Focus on the Family. “Listen to what I’m saying” and, even if it’s darting all over the place. (Laughter) You know, you just start thinking about other things and that’s terrible. Download the Smartphone app, whatever you need to do. It does something emotionally for you and that’s what you’re talkin’ about. Besides kissing, what are some other ways a couple can boost their romance. If you don’t know where your area is, just ask your spouse. If there’s a man, if there’s a woman and more women are involved in this increasingly, the whole sexual addiction area, the whole area of romance and … I’m telling you right now, easy to say, but important to do, have a conversation saying, “Here’s what I’m struggling with,” ‘cause if you don’t, No. So, as you’re moving down that continuum and now you’re at this place where you can have this kind of openness, how do you do that in a healthy way that’s God-honoring, that doesn’t put expectations on your spouse, but you do your homework. And that’s the way I like to look at this and we have a wonderful guest today. Yeah it was a good discussion and you can find the first part of it on CD or as a download at focusonthefamily.com/radio. you’ve put a lot of confidence in that type of intimacy, that heartfelt kiss. No, you grab your woman and you put a smacker on her Research has shown—my own personal research with the blonde—and we continue to research every day! Now people that have married, 20, 30 years, maybe 50 years maybe they don’t see kissing as quite the thing it used to be. It is sharing how much I love you and there should be some excitement. “Goodbye, honey, have a nice day,” in the morning, “But come over, yeah, real quick, real quick.” Two sets of completely dry Sahara dry lips, nubs actually, touching for a millisecond.

If you know what you’re sharing is earth-shattering and it’s gonna devastate your partner, you don’t do that without a net. So, you’re very careful about the net and then when you share it, we know this is gonna take time to heal Again, it’s not (Sound of snap of fingers) the spiritual ceremony. don’t have access to a therapist other than Focus on the phone, which is great. you will just have to go through the steps, but God will guide you through. And if you’ve been praying about a matter in your relationship and you’re just not getting traction or what David’s been sharing about deep past wounds is resonating, do call us. Nothing else will, so it’s a “both and.” Do the work, but you gotta have God’s help. (Part 2 of 2) Listen online, or purchase the download. Your host is Focus president and author Jim Daly and I’m John Fuller. John, last time we started a great conversation about how men particularly um … And it’s interesting and let me confess this to women. for men because we’re so compartmentalized, we can get fatigued really quickly when we’re talking about more than one subject matter. --half the time I’m sure she doesn’t know I’ve kinda tuned out, ‘cause I can keep the game face on but it’s true. Call us; if we need to send you a CD, we’ll do that, but um … Can you imagine I come back to our second talk time of the week, I gots things [sic] written on a pad that she’s mentioned that I’m interested in and I say, “Honey, I thought about some of the things that you said, here’s some of my responses.” She goes crazy with love and respect! And today we want to talk about not the recrimination of the way we’re wired, but how do we use our wiring in such a way that is productive in our marriages. that first part of that conversation was loaded with great wisdom and we even had questions from our gallery, which there’re probably 20, 30 women in there to make sure the feminine side is represented here at the table today. One of the books he wrote is called Which for some reason you’ve … you gotta have open mouth, arms around, body parts touching.

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