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At the end of the third verse, "Well, gotta go, I'm almost at the bridge now" is changed to "Well, gotta go, I'm almost at the end of the bridge now".

In the fourth verse, the line "[And what's this] shit about us meant to be together" is completely censored.

It also removes the chorus after the third verse and goes straight to the fourth verse; the video then cuts to Eminem at last receiving the letter from Stan, and the car sinking more into the water.

In the Fuse version of the video, various lines and words are silenced, more so than on the clean version of the LP; half of one of the beginning verses are cut out, and then the song fades out about halfway through the second verse.

Believing he has been ignored, Stan uses a tape recorder to document his most disturbing act yet: he ties up his girlfriend, stows her in his trunk, and drives along a rain-soaked highway, intending to drive off a bridge.

His final communication involves a reference to "My Name Is" ("I drank a fifth of vodka, dare me to drive?

Dido's lyrics are actually a sample of the opening lines from her song "Thank You".The LP version of the song is over six minutes long, and, as mentioned, the full version of the video is ; however, when Fuse played the video, it was slightly over two minutes.In Fuse's original state as a rock and alternative station, the same versions as on MTV were shown.") as well as invoking the popular urban legend that Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight" was a true story, before realizing he has no way of transmitting this particular tape to "Slim," and committing the act anyway. He apologizes for being late, thanks him for being a fan, and expresses interest in Stan's personal life.Eminem worries about Stan's mental state and says he doesn't want Stan to end up like a story he'd seen on the news recently—a man who had driven drunk off a bridge with his girlfriend in the trunk, about whom he quickly realizes, "It was you, Damn.” Towards the end, you can see Stan’s ghost appear in Eminem’s bus window.

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"Stan" was also released on track 17 of Curtain Call: The Hits, which features Elton John.

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