Risks of sedating dogs

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Risks of sedating dogs

The biggest risk for anesthesia concerns the pug's potential tracheal stenosis, or narrow windpipe.

Any of these conditions lead to brachycephalic airway syndrome.

Nurses and vets must check in on the recovering pug on a regular basis.

Speak with your vet prior to the surgery so you'll know the protocol for caring for your pug once he's out of the operating room.

He literally can't take in as much air as nonbrachycephalic dogs.

It's likely his soft palate is elongated, so that tissue extends into the throat.

Before inserting the tube that delivers anesthesia, your vet will administer pure oxygen to your pug.After years of anesthesia free pet dentals, this dog had lost so much bone structure due to undetected periodontal disease the probe goes through the entire jaw.This dog ended up needing 16 teeth extracted as they could not be saved.While the specifics of each case varied, the narratives generally fell into one of two categories.The explanations vary slightly, but in most cases, somebody at the vet mutters something about an allergic reaction to the anesthesia – a rare and completely unpredictable complication.

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I know many, many pet owners who have pets that have been spayed/neutered without issues or who have undergone surgical procedures with heart conditions and advanced age with no problems whatsoever.

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