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Mormon dating culture

We could use some standardization on this, because like many other issues, the way local leadership (ie leadership roulette) interprets things makes a big difference. Attacks on the church like the CES Letter, are very successful, if one is trapped in that literal-fundamentalistic paradigm.

But in general, and I mostly blame the members not the leadership for this, we need to stop acting so Pharisaical. So, the solution is to move away from Fundamentalism, but then you have two problems. And what to do with all these nutso’s that have a real need for a prophet who walks and talks with Jesus and love to analyze the scriptures for clues about the end of the world?

We will likely need to repurpose the First Vision as the founding event of the LDS church, which has an important inspired work to do, but back off the claims that this is a restoration of God’s one and onlyexclusive true church. How do we reconstruct faith into something that works after faith crisis destroys the “dominant narrative”. The most common view was to view sexual behavior among gay people, even committed relationships, as evil and debased. I’ve raised daughters in this church that have served missions and are strong and capable, and see themselves as not a single bit less than their male peers in the church.The new information doesn’t seem to agree with science, so those that can’t harmonize them, are leaving and embracing secularism.Not seeing the possibility for the harmonization of both.The big overlying issue here, touching all the other categories, the elephant in the room, is the disbelief and lack of trust that is what I believe is the growing area here that the church has never quite had to deal with in this big of a way.Information in the internet age is exploding and causing many to doubt the dominant narrative of scripture historicity, factual accuracy of church foundational events, God speaking directly and specifically to prophets.

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12 They are all gone out of the way, they are together become unprofitable; there is none that doeth good, no, not one.

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