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They pay the bills by keeping a small but loyal client base that pays a whopping twenty dollars per visit -- for women or men -- with most customers tipping at least that much.

I go once a month a give Kar a fifty, which seems very fair to me.

Kar stood on the couch and thrust her pussy in Marc's face while playing with her small nipples and demanding to be eaten.

I've always had a healthy sex life, but this kind of stuff doesn't usually happen to me. Leslie was riding me hard and breaking our deep kissing every minute or so to instruct me to rub her button or play with her asshole and screaming that she wanted to come -- the sooner the better.

Kar tried to one up us by pulling down her sundress to expose her beautiful small breasts and unzipped Marc's slacks.

She turned to us with a look that said, "I'm about to go down on him. " Leslie slipped out of her skirt and yanked down her panties and casually walked in front of them and deposited the clothes on a big leather chair next to the couch.

She walked back toward our end of the couch, swing her bare butt and pussy in an exaggerated fashion, then turned back around a unbuttoned her blouse, leaving her completely nude except for her jewelry.

Needless to say, Marc was more than a little amused. But it quickly became apparent that the girls were into a little friendly, sexy competition. Leslie unhooked my belt and started working on pulling my pants off, causing Kar to momentarily lose her lip-lock on Marc's cock while she pulled his pants off.

All four of us were completely naked with 30 seconds, and Leslie sat on my hard dick, facing me, and began riding me with reckless abandon.She has long straight brown hair, a deep tan and a "hippie" look. While Kar is rail thin, Leslie has lots of curves -- big round tits, a flat stomach, ample hips and full, but not fat, legs. When Marc and I became friends and became golfing buddies, Leslie and Kar become friends and shopping buddies.Leslie started inviting Kar over on weekends -- they jokingly refer to themselves as golf widows -- and more than a few times Marc and I have returned home from the course to find them enjoying our backyard pool topless and more than a little tipsy.Another customer from Scissors started dating the third girl who works at the shop, Maria, who serves as the office manager/receptionist.They got engaged and decided to get married on the beach in Port Aransas.

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My girlfriend, Leslie, is also a regular customer, and we've become social friends with Kar and her now-husband Marc.