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Of course, I had no idea what she looked like, what her plans were beyond the Taco Bell she ran in Idaho, or if we'd have any kind of chemistry in person. Blistering my ass with your palms." Damn, I thought. She usually liked to warm up a little bit, but this time was straight to the point. She'd been at it before I called, so she was probably already too close. "I want to be." She said it so meekly, so demurely, in stark contrast to the heavy-breathing sex goddess she'd been a few moments before. She just started crying out, babbling incoherently and climbing up and down the octave scale faster than an early-90s Mariah Carey song. I think I'd add another wet spot to my sheets." "You think? My free hand was already rubbing my cock furiously through my cargo shorts. All I need is to hear you calling out my name as you shoot that white-hot cum all over your legs—" "FUCK, KELLY!! Imagine it's my pussy, and you're creaming all over it." I could feel the warmth on my thighs as my cum coated them, either dribbling off my still-hard cock or rubbing off my boxer shorts. I think we need to stop talking to each other." "Aww," she said. You play in a weak division anyway, and couldn't even win 10 games.

My grandfather loved to be out on the lake as early as possible, line cast and beer in hand in time to see the sunrise."Well, then, that's a pretty cool tradition," I offered."Maybe this fall we can go down to Denver and catch a game." She didn't reply for a minute or two. "I understand if that's something you want to keep to yourself." "No," she said finally. I think watching football with you would be awesome." "As long as they're not playing the Cowboys," I said.I had one missed call – apparently, Kelly was up early. "Well, there's an urban legend about cell phones triggering static electricity and blowing up gas tanks," I replied. I thought I might have heard some light sobbing in there as well, but I wasn't going to push her. Part of me wanted to apologize, but I wasn't sure that would be appropriate."And really, not sure what the 300-pound trucker using the urinal right next to me would have thought if I'd whipped out my cell mid-stream." "Maybe he'd want a little piece of you, too, huh? "So, I have a question," she said, finally deciding to break the silence. Kelly knew I didn't know, and didn't mean anything personal with my jab.

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First pitch was at 4 p.m., and I wanted to get there in time to tailgate with him for a little while prior to the game.