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Meanwhile, the rest of this Love Quadrangle is upstairs getting drunk. They’re battling over Bo’s box (not even kidding), specifically whether to give her the box of black smoke she has mailed herself. They agree and Lauren sews back on his hand as a thank you. But, woo doggie, it certainly stirs up their BIG BISEXUAL FEELINGS. Vex – poor, poor schizophrenic Vex this season – mediates the box battle and tells them the answer is they secretly like each other (not in that way) and to shut up already and acknowledge their mutual respect. google search – alexander mcqueen (couldnt remember his first name) 26. Mine, right now, are this blog, obvi, and my Gmail, which do not indicate such a thing. Visions of coffee and bagels danced in my head as I hustled down to the G Train. In an effort to salvage my professional reputation, I had to spend my last eleven dollars on a taxi, and as a result, have not been able to eat all day long. google search- did inventor of atomic bomb commit suicide 4 tabs on nicotine induced skin damage (for my mom) chromeo — i could be wrong on stereogum facebook Her tabs indicate that she is extremely socially conscious. I have picked up a tiny gig transcribing interviews about the nineties music scene, namely garage, ska, surf, swing and “mod” rock. I’ll give you a metaphysical xmas gift if you’ve heard of any of them: The Insomniacs The Toasters The New York Citizens The Creatures of the Golden Dawn The Nomads The Lord High Fixtures The Cellar Dwellers The Omega Men Tell Tale Hearts The Misanthropes The Mount Mc Kinleys The Space Cossacks The Cave Four ——- Follow up: which of those is the BEST band name? Dear MTA, This morning I woke up on time for work, what can only be called a rare occurrence.He’s passionate about learning and committed to using new technologies in creative ways to transform and improve learning for his students.Jenn is an alternative education and community engagement consultant in Toronto, Ontario.

(Our condolences, international friends.)Bo wakes up in an alternate, Groundhog Day universe, doomed to relive the same lame party as partygoers slowly disappear. So Tamsin confesses her Big Secret to Bo, that she is the one who agreed to hand her over to The Wanderer [Spoiler Alert: Skip to the next paragraph if you haven’t seen the rest of the season.] Will they ever freaking explain who this Wanderer is , since he apparently wasn’t Rainer the Wanderer? I assume it’s that pissed off Pegasus, but why the name confusion then? But then Kenzi gives Bo the box because this is what happens when two drunk people argue about an important decision. oi=20373153&ox=9406D74F-8187-4403-843C-3111FF16CC4E 17. other ticket seller- also ridiculous and doesnt have plays i want – will close this tab now, thank heavens for this exercise 18. google news search on terrorist attack in nairobi 21. FY11.shtml – wanted to see if my congress woman had the same white house tour thing as the other lady bc i technically dont live in her district and dont want her to deny my request for a white house tour on those grounds! sparklehorse- couldnt remember his name — for your genius suicide column thing 27. Therefore, you, the MTA, owe me exactly eleven dollars, or approximately two small meals.She has been working with communities to co-design innovative spaces while thinking about how we interact with space and how space informs culture.Andrew and Jenn are in search of fellow educator to join the conversation around the impact, design and culture of beautiful learning spaces.

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How they got to me I have no idea (I’ve never been a Gawker fan) so I followed the instructions at the bottom and dropped them a “note” asking to please be removed from the list.

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