Babycentre dating scan

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Babycentre dating scan

However, constipation is a common problem in pregnancy, and it can get worse as the pregnancy continues.

You won't be ready for maternity clothes yet, but you might want to abandon tight-fitting clothes for looser-fitting ones in your wardrobe.

The testes or ovaries are developing this week, as are the clitoris and penis, but it will still be too early to determine the baby's gender. You will probably still be feeling tired, and possibly moody, and may still be struggling with morning sickness, but these symptoms of early pregnancy won't be lasting for much longer than a couple of weeks.

I just felt numb.’And things can be just as difficult on the other side of the fence.

In a poll of 354 women conducted by the pregnancy and parenting website Baby uk, 86 per cent of women said they felt guilty when telling friends who were trying to conceive that they were pregnant.

From now until week 20, the foetus will be growing rapidly in size – this coincides with the development of the vital organs tapering off.

The head will now make up only about one-third of the length of the foetus.

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The proportions between body and head are changing, with the body now forming over half the length of the baby, and the tail should disappear by the end of this week. The eyes by now are well developed, with the eyelids starting to close together around them.